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Duncross Media is a total digital marketing solutions company. We offer a wide range of products including pay per click management, search engine optimization, website builds and management, social media marketing and blog writing. We work with a wide range of clients, from large established companies to smaller up-and-coming ones. We are unique and we know your company is too! That’s why we tailor our support to match your company’s needs.


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Who we are

Duncross Media is a total digital marketing solutions company and since launching in 2014, we’ve held a simple belief that has delivered incredible results for our clients. We are not a one service fits all company and that only truly connected thinking transforms your marketing. Our blueprint is a foundation which we can adapt for every project to meet the needs of the client. We strive to create specialist and unique approaches as each new channel and technology emerges.

Meet the team

Antony Shawcross

Joint Managing Director – Head of UK business After completing my degree in Media, I spent the next few years working within large Google Adwords companies, learning my craft. Seeing huge flaws when it came to handling clients, I knew I could do things so much better! Understanding that the client is THE most important thing, not the bottom line, I turned to Anna, who shared my passion and Duncross Media was born! Since then we have worked tirelessly to create a very special and different service to what is currently on the market. In my spare time I enjoy watching Liverpool FC win everything.

Anna Dunstan-Palmer

Joint Managing Director – Head of US business With a degree in Media and having spent the last 10 years working within large corporate marketing companies, it seemed the logical next step to create something special of my own! After finding out a good friend and fellow university graduate shared the same passion for the project, nothing could stop us! He brought a completely different set of skills that have been an essential part of making Duncross Media into the success it is today. When I’m not working, my husband and I enjoy everything that beautiful Georgia has to offer!