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Funktion Alley

Pay Per Click Management

Original Design for Funksake…

Funktion Alley wanted to develop a long-term approach to online marketing, and it was very important to them to rank highly on Google. They have an extremely appealing line of furniture and wanted to showcase the beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and truly unique pieces they have to offer to this market.

The Challenge

For Funktion Alley, they were most concerned about appearing highly, organically, on Google. Search Engine Optimization or SEO was the best solution for their individual needs. Building a strong foundation, through quality link building and blog writing/exchanging, was our first step in achieving this. We worked on social media, which again greatly helped establish their overall online presence. We were also able to do a technical overhaul, working on content and other issues that were preventing the natural rise on Google.


With such an appealing line of products it became apparent that we needed to engage not just our immediate audience but a far wider one too. As well as the normal routes of link building, content creation and social media engagement, we reached out to publications; home décor, garden design and other relevant industries that were very excited and happy to showcase the wonderful line of products Funktion Alley have. This was one of the key points that helped elevate them to the ranking they still hold today.

The Results

Traffic to the site increased by 10% and for a number of very popular products, again we saw positions rise from the 3rd page to the 1st. Overall the websites position went from the 2nd page to the 1st. We also saw a rise in their social media. Facebook saw an additional 50% in traffic and Twitter saw a rise of 200%, including an 80% rise in new followers!

  • Transactions (up) 26.74% 26.74%
  • Overall Revenue (up) 72.06% 72.06%
  • 6th page to 1st page for specific targeted products 100% 100%

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