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Weekends with Words came to us, having had real trouble with their existing social media providers. They felt as though their concept just wasn’t getting over to their clients correctly.

The Challenge

We were tasked with a social media rebrand. The concept of what they wanted to achieve had become slightly lost along the way and therefore, targeting the wrong audience seemed to be happening more often than not. We needed to firstly create some relevant content, present it to the right one, after researching where best to aim. All whilst keeping current trends at the forefront of our minds.


The first key challenge was to establish a new brand identity which would place Weekends with Words as a leader in their marketplace. This was a big task as their concept was fairly unique and therefore hard to place correctly. After establishing their place in the correct market, we went about ensuring they were the dominate company in that field. Huge amounts of research and content went into their social media outlets at this time.

The Results

Weekends with Words saw a significant rise in customer interest, a 30% rise in customers reaching out for more information was a great result. Although it was to early to tell if these enquires turned into sales, we were all hopeful that this short project produced the return on their investment they were hoping for.

  • Rise in Customer Interest 30% 30%

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