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Who we are

A Complete Digital Marketing Solutions Company

A specialist and unique approach

Duncross Media is a total digital marketing solutions company and since launching in 2014, we’ve held a simple belief that has delivered incredible results for our clients. We are not a one service fits all company and that only truly connected thinking transforms your marketing. Our blueprint is a foundation which we can adapt for every project to meet the needs of the client. We strive to create specialist and unique approaches as each new channel and technology emerges.

A dedicated team

Based in the United Kingdom and the USA. We are very much a collaborative team, which we believe is the reason our service excels above others in our field. Our dedicated team is our most important asset. Having an environment that’s conducive to creating the best possible work is crucial to our success! That’s why we don’t put limits on where our team are, we find the best people for the job. We all put our heads together day or night, in our virtual office to create something very special which we are proud to offer to you, the client.

Our core services include:



Social Media

Warm Lead Outreach

Blogging / Content