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Motor Home Depot

Pay Per Click Management

Europe’s favorite motorhome buying service

Motor Home Depot wanted to significantly reduce spend, placing budget, if necessary, into other areas if needed. Whilst still being the dominate Motor Home seller in Europe.

The Challenge

Motor Home Depot already had several accounts and a very large Adwords budget. They felt they were spending too much and wanted to know if we could reduce their CPC but not lose presence, as their field was a very competitive one. It was very important to them to dominate this market and certainly didn’t want to run out of budget if it was reduced and miss out on crucial times of the day when they had the most potential clients looking to buy.


It was evident when we looked deeper into their analytics when the best time of day was for them, it was also clear they were spending a large amount of budget at certain times and simply not seeing a return on their investment. We began here! We were also able to make a huge impact by clearing out lots of keywords that were simply bringing nothing to the table. Due to the number of Adwords accounts Motor Home Depot had, we were also able to streamline them more effectively, enabling them to work together, to completely dominate the market.

The Results

This was one of Duncross Media largest challenges and all involved were immensely proud to see the results after so much hard work had gone into this project. Happily, we can report, spend was brought down by 30% with sales up 70%. Motor Home Depot also continued to be the prominent Motor Home seller in Europe. We were also able to bring each click down from over £5 to below £2 whilst keeping the top positions, which was an amazing result.

  • Pay Per Click Spend (down) 30% 30%
  • Sales (up) 70% 70%

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