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True Vintage

Pay Per Click Management

True Vintage

True Vintage wanted to dominate their industry with a solid Ad’s campaign. They wanted to use Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign to cover all their bases.

The Challenge

True Vintage already had a very strong organic presence, their social media followers had grown significantly but they wanted to dominate the Ads side of things too. They were more than happy to spend their entire budget, which was a large one, but this had to show significant return on their investment. It was very important to get their brand and message of sustainable fashion out there, with visually stunning photos and showcase their wide range of products using Paid Ads.

Duncross Media


We started with an overhaul of the existing Google Ads account. This originally was not very targeted, and a lot of budget was being wasted as a result. We then introduced a brand-new Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign. Both built from scratch using data from their website to ensure they were both as targeted as possible. Using this analysed data from the site, enabled us to build a strong campaign with only relevant keywords, locations and certain demographic we knew had already been to the site and bought.

The Results

This was one of Duncross Media’s most financially successful campaign to date. Not only were we able to dominate their marketplace, we can report the following results: Overall revenue up by 107%, transactions up 126.72%.

  • Overall Revenue up 107% 107% 107%
  • Transactions up 126.72% 126.72% 126.72%

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