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The Positive Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

The Positive Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation
Posted: April 16, 2018

Search Engine Optimisation can play a powerful role in your company’s marketing strategy.  Here are 5 positive reasons why SEO is beneficial;

Cost Effective
Let’s be honest, cost will always be the main factor companies consider when planning their marketing strategy.  Organic listings are essentially free.  Unlike paid ads, you are not competing with other companies for the top spot, driving up the cost per click, each time a potential customer clicks on your ad.  If you decided to stop your SEO campaign, the results don’t just stop, like paid ads.  You will continue to benefit from the results much longer, however it’s always advised that you do a little upkeep from time to time.  Any good SEO company will tell you the same!

Increase in Traffic
More traffic, more sales, right?  It’s just logic!  If more customers are visiting your website, then you have more chance of making a sale.  It really is that simple!  With analytics and reporting tools, it is very easy to see your traffic increase.  This isn’t something that happens straightaway like paid ads, however.  It does take a little more time to build up momentum.  When it does though, you will see a steady rise in your websites traffic.

Brand Credibility
The more traffic your website builds up, the higher you will rank on Google, as they see you as more relevant.  The higher up you rank on Google, the more trusted you are to potential customers.  If you are the first company your customers see when they type in your keywords, your brand will automatically be THE company in that field.  The further down the page you rank, the less reputable you are seen to be.  To be a trusted reputable company, the higher up you are the better you’ll be seen to be.

Keep up with Competitors
The likelihood of your competitors having an SEO campaign running is pretty high.  Which means you are already behind!  Most companies out there will be doing some form of Search Engine Optimisation, even if it’s just simple link building.  This puts them way ahead of you when it comes to ranking, customers will go to them first, if they are higher up on Google than you are.  If you are on the second or third page, will potential customers even bother looking on any other page, besides the first?  Why take the chance of not even been seen!  The only way to keep up, is to join in…

The Results are Permanent
This is a good and sometimes bad thing!  The benefits are of course, you have the potential to rank top on Google, you increase traffic and in turn, sales etc.  However, if you choose a company that does a poor job, the lasting effects can be seriously damaging.  When you are deciding on an SEO company, make sure you check out their credentials.  They should be adhering to Google’s strict guidelines on SEO, if they are not, they can get your company blacklisted.  If that happens, it will take time, money and extra stress to put things right again.  Do your homework and you’ll reap the benefits SEO can have on your business!