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How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Small Business
Posted: May 16, 2022

Digital marketing is not just for the chains and large corporate businesses. Small businesses need a digital marketing plan, too! Whether it is Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other Social Media Platform Ads, SEO, or Organic Social Media Management, digital marketing tactics allow small businesses to compete with the big guys. Here’s why. . .

People love to support locally owned businesses.
Small businesses have an advantage when they are locally owned. People love to support other members of their city or town. Part of the reason is because the money spent at a locally owned business helps a family and their children rather than throwing money at an already-wealthy CEO or corporation!

Digital marketing boosts visibility.
However, the disadvantage of a small or local business is visibility. People are so familiar with chains and corporations because they are constantly seeing the big brands through ads! It is hard for people to choose to shop small or local if they are not exposed to the local brand as much. This is where a digital marketing strategy can benefit a small or local business.

A digital marketing strategy that employs Google Ads, for example, can benefit a local business through a function called geo fencing. Geo fencing marketing is a location-based tool that allows you to connect with smartphone users who are located within a specific geographic area. Geo fencing allows you to place a virtual fence around whatever geographic area you choose. A digital marketing company, like Duncross Media can help you identify the most profitable areas and create engaging ads that get results. Google Ads are a refined advertising option because it is possible to make the ad however targeted you wish to make it, down to the zip codes!

A Facebook Ad can also benefit a small business. Even though the ad location options are a bit broader, Facebook Ads are a cheaper option than Google Ads and can assist the perhaps smaller budget of a local business. There is also the option for people to directly message through the Facebook page, and it is the same scenario with Instagram Ads or other social media platforms.

Professionals can manage the technical side of digital marketing.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely beneficial digital marketing tactic, but it can seem complicated to someone that is not familiar with the backend of Google and other search engines. That is why it is important for small or local businesses to outsource a digital marketing company, like Duncross Media for SEO work.

Digital marketing professionals, like the team here at Duncross Media, have extensive knowledge and training in search engine optimization and stay on top of changing trends and regulations on Google. At Duncross Media Digital Marketing, we create fresh monthly content (blogs/articles) that are keyword-rich to boost your rankings on Google and other search engines. It takes a copywriting and digital marketing professional to write keyword-rich content that is also engaging and informative! We are also experts in ethical link building, another key area in a well performing SEO strategy. We work closely with local business owners to make sure the content we produce aligns perfectly with your brand and products!

Keep your accounts up to date.
Frequently posting on your social media accounts can have a huge impact on small businesses. The more posts that come from your socials, the more chances your followers have to engage with your brand or product.

Duncross Media can provide social media management with daily/weekly posts. Freeing up business owners to worry about inventory, payroll, and other important aspects of running a business! Allowing a digital marketing company, like Duncross Media to manage your social media accounts will take some off your plate as a business owner, while also promoting your brand in a professional way.

If you think your small business would benefit from a bespoke digital marketing campaign, then now is the time to reach out to us! With the opening of our newest office in the US, Duncross Media is offering introductory discounted rates for our services. Contact us today for a free digital marketing health check or to discuss anything we can help with to help your business!