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Social Media Organic Management

Stand Out From the Crowd

Online marketing is changing. That’s why Duncross Media provide a social media organic marketing management service to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Social media marketing can be used to help increase online conversions and increase ROI, boost your social presence, make sales and/or improve engagement levels. Equally, we can work with your existing account without spending a penny to enhance your presence and followers dramatically. We work with you to understand your business’s goals and we won’t recommend anything that we don’t believe will work for you.

Let us help you plan your strategy; we are experienced in creating campaigns for the following platforms:


Almost like the “Holy Grail” of social media, this popular platform is filled with different options for businesses. You can create a business page, where people “like” your company and receive updates about specials and new products. These posts can be shared throughout the site, garnering attention. Also, some businesses take this a step further by creating a private fan group page that people need to join to access, customers love exclusivity! Businesses can also create events for their customers to be aware of and attend.


Images are everything on Instagram. This is the place where influencers tend to gather by the thousands and you can connect with them, as well as regular users, by posting compelling pictures and plenty of accompanying text and hashtags.


One of the oldest social media platforms active today, Twitter still plays a large role in helping businesses connect with their followers. A well-worded Tweet and relevant hashtags are enough to call attention to your company. It works very well as part of a B2B strategy.


This short video creation platform is perfect for businesses to promote their products and services. Many users enjoy using TikTok because the videos are short, entertaining, and trendy! Businesses can use trendy hashtags and join challenges to reach new clients and customers.


Created for people to share their resumes and network with one another on a professional level, many businesses have joined the site as well. It’s a good place to post career opportunities, blog posts, press releases, and other forms of news that open your business up to a new audience.


Often overlooked by businesses, Pinterest is great if you have a store that sells goods like clothing, craft, home items, and more! Users may choose to “pin” your pictures (with a link to your site included) to their boards, which helps spread the word about your business in an organic fashion.

However, it doesn’t end here! Not only do you need a solid social media strategy, but we also need to monitor your fans, likes, followers, and clicks to ensure that your social media strategy is indeed alive and working. If it’s not, then it’s time to switch or modify your strategy to find one that’s more advantageous for your unique social media business needs.

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