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Organic Instagram Marketing


While Instagram is a natural fit for fashion, jewelry, and beauty-related products, with the right perspective any brand can get in on the action. We like Instagram because it pushes us to use all of our creativity to generate aesthetically pleasing content that positions your brand in a unique light.

Instagram supports images, Gifs, and videos making a diverse campaign with multiple ad formats possible. On this network, it’s important to switch content often, study engagement, and use a variety of imagery types.

One critical metric to keep in mind when advertising on Instagram is that upwards of 80% of users are accessing the app on their mobile device. Because of this, campaigns need to be mobile first- not just mobile friendly. That means ad imagery should be easy to distinguish on a smaller screen, landing pages should be thoroughly tested on actual devices when possible. Rather than just generators, and text, buttons, form fields, and phone numbers should be the right size for small screens.

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