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Twitter Advertising

Driving sales in under 280

The user base on Twitter is global which means you can read users in numbers not common on any other ad network. It also means it’s even more critical to nail down the right targeting metrics to avoid budget-bleed.

By combining traditional keyword targeting (commonly available on other ad networks) with the behavior targeting that social ad networks have become known for, Twitter gives advertisers the tools to target active, interested users likely to buy. Then, it’s up to us to put that ability to the best use possible for your goals.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Website Clicks

Because of Twitter’s 280 character limit, clicking links is second nature to this user base. Take full advantage of that conditioned affinity by sending Twitter traffic to a mobile-optimized landing page with one focused action.

Follower Growth

The doubled-edged sword of social media is that users naturally want to follow accounts with a lot of followers. So how can you grow your followers when you’re just starting out? Encouraging users to follow your account with targeted ads is a great way to supplement growth until your account takes off organically.

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