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TikTok Ads

Real People, Real Videos

If younger people are one of the primary audiences for your business, TikTok ads could be a worthwhile investment for you. With 66% of TikTok’s users younger than 30 (41% are ages 16–24), this isn’t the right platform for businesses that cater to older audiences.

Like every platform that runs ads, TikTok has its own algorithm that decides which ad goes to which user, and when.  Fortunately, TikTok took a page from Facebook’s and Google’s ad ranking algorithms and doesn’t just serve up the ads with the highest bidder. TikTok’s algorithm also takes the quality of the ad into account as well as the likelihood that TikTok users will interact with it. TikTok’s advertising structure includes campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Sounds a lot like Google Ads, doesn’t it?! When you understand how your campaigns are structured, you can set up better target audiences, design better creative, and spend your ad budget effectively. Ultimately, this helps you expand your ad reach, improve your ad’s performance, and achieve your TikTok ad campaign goals.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Biddable Ads

TikTok’s only biddable ad option is in-feed video ads. These are the ads that show up in the video stream for TikTok users.  Biddable, in-stream ads aren’t disruptive like other ad formats, but that means that they can also be easily overlooked.

You can purchase biddable ads using these models: CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), or CPV (cost per view, 6 seconds).

The audience targeting strategies available for TikTok’s biddable ads are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Device type

If you have your own targeting lists, you can use those lists. Additionally, TikTok has plans to expand its targeting capabilities to include more demographics and behavioral components.

Top View

TopView is a video based TikTok ad format designed to reach and engage a large audience through visually captivating ads. These audio-on, full-screen ads last up to 60 seconds, maximizing visibility and brand exposure by showing up the moment a user opens TikTok.

TopView ads can be linked to an external or internal landing page

Facebook Targeted Ads

Brand Takeover

Brand takeover ads are the ads that show up as soon as you open the TikTok app. Since the ad appears the moment you open the app, you can be sure that your ad is reaching its audience.  These ads are limited to a single advertiser per day, which makes sense because the ads can be used to send paid traffic out of the app immediately. Brand takeover ads have a high barrier to entry and are a lot more expensive than biddable ads.

Branded Effects

TikTok also offers branded filters and lenses, similar to Instagram and Snapchat. Brands develop their own filters, 3D objects, and other interactive elements. Then, those elements are made available to TikTok’s users. TikTok users then use the elements, elevating brand awareness.

Hashtag Challenge

TikTok thrives on challenges.

With hashtag challenges, brands partner with TikTok advertising representatives to create a unique and engaging hashtag challenge, encouraging TikTok users to join the campaign by creating related TikTok videos and using the hashtag in the content.  These ads last six days.

Hashtag challenges are a great way to get engagement from user-generated content since TikTok users are naturally drawn to creating and sharing videos.  There’s also a Hashtag Challenge Plus that’s designed for eCommerce retailers. This ad type lets users browse and even purchase products related to the sponsored challenge.

Shoppable TikTok Videos

Shoppable TikTok videos are among the advertising options that are being made available to TikTok influencers for testing. These ads are similar to Instagram’s Shoppable posts, letting brands add a URL to their TikTok advertising videos and send traffic to their eCommerce site and product pages.

This advertising option is highly sought after by eCommerce brands and retailers, but there’s currently no definitive date for Shoppable videos to become available, if they ever will

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