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Pinterest Advertising

Put a pin in a targeted strategy

Buyable pins get buyers to your site by solving one of the most common complaints about Pinterest: pins that lead to broken links or result in an infinite loop of wrong URLs. When people are looking for fashion advice, unique gifts, or solution-based products, Pinterest is often their first stop. While Pinterest isn’t a perfect fit for every product, it has advantages that other networks simply don’t have.

Users on this network are searching, rather than browsing. Unlike other social networks, people rarely use Pinterest to stay in touch with friends and family; instead, they are searching for ideas, inspiration, tips, how-to’s, advice, and solutions. Promoted pins help convert that searcher into a buyer by doing the leg work for them.

Behavior targeting on Pinterest is more closely aligned with actual user behavior than on any other ad network. Where other networks classify and track behavior as what people are talking about, Pinterest uses what people are actively searching for. This component makes behavior targeting more closely in line with users’ offline lives.

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