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LinkedIn Advertising

Reach the top

LinkedIn allows you to attract a unique audience by promoting your brand in a professional social network. Target your ideal audience by advertising to them based on their job title, industry, company size, and many other options.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Variety of Choices

By advertising on LinkedIn, you have a variety of choices when it comes to your ad preferences including:

  • Setting your budget by paying for clicks or impressions
  • Start and pause your ads at any time
  • Choosing how to measure your conversions

Let Duncross Media take the hassle out of social media advertising. We will work with you to determine your ad preferences and which ad type is right for you.

Text Ads

By using strong imagery and powerful content, a picture really will be worth a thousand words. Get your brand in front of the right, professional audience and drive them to your website by only paying for the ads that work.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Dyanamic Ads

With branded Dynamic Ads, you will be able to target a wide variety of consumers by delivering ads that are unique to their social activity. We will measure the ad’s performance and fine-tune any opportunities as they present themselves.

Sponsored InMail

This ad format is ideal for businesses looking to increase followers or even promote a specific event. Sponsored InMail allows you to send personalized messages to your target audience through the LinkedIn messenger. By limiting the frequency to deliver only when members are online, LinkedIn will make certain that the message gets noticed.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Display Ads

Advertise on social media with LinkedIn’s premier Display Ad format. The professional targeting on LinkedIn provides your brand with high-quality ad placement and engagement to give your advertisements the boost they’ve been missing.

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