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The Beauty Chain

Pay Per Click Management

The Beauty Chain Mansfield

The Beauty Chain wanted to increase their customer base using their online presence, it was a big change in strategy for them as they had very much relied on word of mouth in the past and only had a very small PPC account.

The Challenge

The Beauty Chain wanted to appear instantly online but did not have the time or the budget to adopt an SEO strategy. They wanted to show up for certain terms at certain times to target their ideal audiences. We felt PPC would be that instant return they were looking for. They wanted to increase traffic to their site, in turn, increasing sales. With a wide range of services available, they wanted to ensure they didn’t miss out on any potential customer, as they felt their current strategy just wasn’t targeted enough.

Duncross Media


With the objectives clearly in sight, our team went full steam ahead and wasted no time clearing out all the old keyword that just weren’t targeting the right people at the right time. We completely refigured their existing Google Adwords account, saving money immediately and putting this new budget exactly where it needed to go to!

The Results

We were all delighted to see the CPC decrease by 50%. Due to this saving we reallocated this budget to terms that were big hitters, this generated a bigger ROI for The Beauty Chain. When the project finished, they were now paying 60% less per click. There overall revenue increased by 30%, we were able to break the figures down and establish this was a direct result of Google Adwords.

  • Overall Revenue (up) 30% 30%
  • CPC Decrease 50% 50%
  • Cost of Pay Per Click Down 60% 60%

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